Andrew Wyeth

We lost a very important American painter today, Andrew Wyeth.  

(His self-portrait, above, wearing Howard Pyle's boots, crossing a field in Chadds Ford.)

We journeyed to Chadds Ford, PA, a couple of years ago to visit the Brandywine River Museum which is home to the biggest collection of three generations of Wyeth art, and where you can tour through N.C. Wyeth's (Andrew's father's) studio.  Each Wyeth artist has their own style they are known for, and Andrew painted beautiful, quiet landscapes and sensitive, thoughtful portraits in earthy colors with an emphasis on texture.  He found inspiration in the Pennsylvania landscape, finding significance and beauty in such small things as hair from a horse's tail caught in a fence, or disappearing snow on a vast, open field, or wind blowing a curtain.

Here is a lovely portrait from his Helga series:  

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