Within Range by Carolyn Clayton @ FE Gallery

Tonight we went to the opening of SMALL is the new big: 25 Squared, an exhibition of 625 pieces of small art by 25 atrists at FE Gallery in Lawrenceville.

The show is delightful, made up of groupings of small works, no larger than 5" x 5". Each artist's grouping is distinct in style, media, and expression, with one thing in common-- You want to get close to them, really look closely to see the details, and this way, they offer an intimate experience.

While there was a lot I liked, I bought a glossy, sky blue ceramic cast of a walkie talkie made by artist Carolyn Clayton, whom I had the pleasure of being introduced to tonight. The walkie talkie is a piece of a larger artwork made up of multiple ceramic walkie talkies of many colors, titled "Within Range."

Having bought this piece, I am taking part in an anonymous communication game. This sky blue ceramic walkie talkie is one in a pair, and whoever buys the other sky blue one will receive a postcard from me, and I will receive one from them.

My "message" isn't much, simply a list of walkie talkie related events I experience every summer while running the Three Rivers Arts Festival's Artists' Market. Regardless of my silly note, it is a fun thing to take part in, and this ceramic walkie talkie is quite cute and will look spiffy on the wall above my desk I think!