Resolutions: Moxie DaDA and Urban Tree Forge

This is the week that the art goes up all over the Cultural District for First Night, getting Pittsburgh ready to ring in the new year.

Yesterday, Moxie DaDA and Urban Tree Forge received artwork for their show, Resolutions, at 820 Liberty Avenue, and they will start installing it this evening. Christine Whispell, founder of Moxie DaDa, developed the collaboration with Urban Tree Forge. The exhibit will be both beautiful and inspiring (which is very fitting to Christine, actually, if you have had the pleasure of meeting her).

Resolutions promotes moral courage and strength of mind. Artists have been chosen for their choice in materials and context of self-discovery, as well as their resolve to create and produce from within the urban landscape.

Moxie DaDA had a gallery on the North Side for many years, located in a charming brick firehouse. It closed its physical gallery this winter, but it is still a positive force for artists, maintaining moxbox consulting and connecting artists to the community through what the gallery refers to as "diverse and inspirational venues." Hundreds of people will enjoy the special exhibit at First Night, for example, and the exhibit will also be part of the Gallery Crawl on January 22.

Urban Tree Forge emphasizes sustainability, and their projects utilize wood from our own urban forest or recycled from within our community. They remove trees from landfills and place salvaged wood back into a productive life cycle. Not only is their process inspiring, but their work is too. Check them out on their web site:

Come see Resolutions at 820 Liberty Avenue on Dec. 31, 6-11pm.