Fifth Avenue Place Window Displays

This morning, three artists each took their own 14-foot-wide window on the Penn Avenue side of the Fifth Avenue Place building downtown.

Three colorful abstract paintings by local artist Scott Hunter, several beautiful photographs by father and son photographers Alexander Patho and Alexander Patho, Jr., and a delightful display of robots by Don Jones are now on display through First Night. Don's robots include an elegant seven-foot matriarch, a mechanical mechanic wearing a hard hat and carrying oil cans, a mini robot riding an eggbeater rocket, as well as ones that light up and ones that move. They are all made of salvaged equipment like kitchen utensils and old vacuum cleaners. In the window, they are surrounded by toy robots. I think First Night goers will enjoy seeing their pretty city in photographs, brilliant colors on canvas, and futuristic robots to imagine 2010 and beyond!

Below is a picture from Don Jones' Flikr site... This robot, Maintenance Matt, is one of the robots on display at Fifth Avenue Place. Also, coincidentally, Don happens to be the one who set up the trains in PPG Winter Garden for the Gingerbread house display I blogged about earlier in the month! A very creative person.