Bologna Fiere

Illustration by Italian artist Quarello Maurizio, above.

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of attending the International Children's Book Festival in Bologna, Italy. The annual festival, the Bologna Fiere, is coming up again on March 23 to 26. This means that the illustrations from the 2008 catalog that are up on the Fiere's web site will soon be replaced with new wonderful children's book illustrations. So, take a look at the 2008 ones while you still can in the Fiction Gallery and Nonfiction Gallery! The art in the festival is full of diverse styles, quite beyond the spectrum found in American bookstores. Here are just a few:

Illustration by Block Jorg (Germany)

Illustration by Pacheco Gabriel (Mexico)

Illustration by Canellas Hernan (Argentina)

I look forward to what the 2009 show brings!