The Pittsburgh Friendship Quilt

Today we went to see the Pittsburgh Friendship Quilt while it was on display in the lobby of the D. H. Lawrence Convention Center. It was a great sight to behold! Completed in 1988, it took devoted volunteers 600 hours over 14 months to stitch the quilt made up of 32,000 squares sorted into colors of the spectrum.

The squares were signed by school children, members of various cultural organizations, sports teams and dignitaries. It was fun to find the signatures of past presidents and first ladies, as well as squares signed by Mr. Rogers and Mr. McFeely among the many rows of colored squares.

Signatures of Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Betty Ford, Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan, and school children (above)

"Speedy Delivery from Mr. McFeely" on the Pittsburgh Friendship Quilt (above)

"With love from your television neighbor Mr. Rogers" on the Pittsburgh Friendship Quilt (above)

The 80-foot wide quilt was displayed behind 21 plexiglass panels.

You can read more about the history of the Pittsburgh Friendship Quilt here.