Barkley Hendricks

My attention was caught by Barkley Hendricks' portrait on April's cover of Art Forum:

This artist's portraits are very relevant to my own aims in portraiture. He is inspired by historical art, contemporary fashion and the everyday people in his life-- the very subjects that inspire me, too. I am thrilled that I just found out about him. He has been painting for 40 years, and he just had a retrospective at the Nasher Museum. Of all his portraits, it's Lawdy Mama, below, that resonates with me most:

Lawdy Mama by Barkley Hendricks

Below is one of my own portraits from recent years of my good friend, Toby. For the background, I used a metallic gold resembling gold leaf, in the style of classical iconography. (Apology: It is difficult to photograph because it is reflective. But the variations of reflective colors in different light are interesting and pose exciting challenges.)

in another light: