Gig Posters

We bought this awesome poster last night from the merchandise tent at the Neko Case concert:

Signed and numbered original screen print by Judge (above)

See more of Judge's work on Gig Posters here:

We will add this poster to our collection of screen print posters by a local Pittsburgh artist we admire and have been collecting sporadically for a few years now, Mike Budai. Budai makes gig posters as well as stand-alone art posters, and also has a presence on, as well as a couple pages in the web site creator's beautiful publication, Gig Posters. (Gig Posters was created and is maintained by Clay Hayes.)

Original silkscreen poster for Dashboard Confessional by artist Mike Budai (above)

Mike Budai has also collaborated with local artist Brian Holderman to create original art for pinball machines, a project of Unicorn Mountain and the Professional Amatuer Pinball Association, now on display at the Andy Warhol Museum. Fun Land: The Art of Pinball has extended its exhibit time and will be up the rest of this week.