Trinity Gallery and Anne Lee

Tell Us About the Party, watercolor and ink painting by Anne Lee

As part of their annual Holiday Show, Trinity Gallery in Lawrenceville is currently exhibiting the work of several artists. Trinity Gallery’s noble mission is to help establish unestablished artists, by offering opportunities for artists who have yet to show their work in a gallery, while keeping prices affordable to help inspire potential collectors to invest in art. It’s a great place to discover something new!

Anne Lee, whose work, “Tell Us About the Party,” is shown here, is one of Trinity Gallery’s success stories. Since 2008, when she had her first solo show at Trinity, Anne has honed her style and illustrated a children’s book called Old Abe, Eagle Hero by Patrick Young and published by KaneMiller. She has recently shown her work at Sirani Gallery, and was also accepted as a member of Pittsburgh Society of Artists for which she now serves as Treasurer on their board. Anne credits Trinity Gallery for launching her career as an artist, learning from Dan and Tina Gaser (the Gallery’s owners) about preparing pieces for a show, marketing a show, and the Pittsburgh art community.

Anne says she can’t help but think of Dan and Tina of Trinity gallery as her mentors, people she would turn to for advice or criticism. “I was working like crazy to create and frame pieces, and I ended up with a beautiful portfolio of work, a website, and validation that my work was meaningful and beautiful to people. I began sending submissions to publishers, and in 2009 finally heard back from KaneMiller. They had seen a painting (of Lawrenceville) on my website and felt like it was the right style and color scheme for a non-fiction picture book of the Civil War. A year and half later, Old Abe is out on bookstore shelves.”

While at Trinity, you’ll also enjoy gallery co-owner Dan Gaser’s own black and white photographs, many of which are of Pittsburgh. He manages to capture the poetry of the city in his images.

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