Spring Salon @ Modern Formations

(Photo of a section of the Spring Salon from Modern Formations' web site)

Friday night we went to Unblurred, a coordinated open-house for art galleries in a Pittsburgh neighborhood called Friendship that takes place on the first Friday of every month. It was a nice evening to be outside, walking from art spot to art spot.

At Modern Formations Gallery, they were having their annual Spring Salon. It's a fun show that lets the visitor be the juror. They display all the entries and let the audience vote on their favorite to win a future solo exhibition at the gallery. It is a wonderful opportunity to see a lot of different artists' work and discover new talent.

Abandoned VI by Seth Clark

Here is a link to the web site of an artist from the show that I was quite impressed with whom I've never met and whose work I had never seen before... Seth Clark. His use of collage just adds texture and points of interest, and is very well integrated with his drawings... http://sethsclark.com/index.php

Abandoned III and Abandoned VI, mixed media images of abandoned homes, are the two pieces he has in the Spring Salon. I really like them.