Paper Thin Theater @ 709 Penn Gallery

Kathryn Carr, Paper Thin Theater
cut paper and light

Paper Thin Theater, a solo exhibit by Kathryn Carr, opens this Friday, Jan. 20th, at 709 Penn Gallery. Reception 6-8pm.

"Paper Thin Theater" is a collection of paper cut art by Kathryn Carr. It focuses on the art of story telling; children's tales, puppetry, opera and the stage are presented in a narrative silhouette form. Her images mix nostalgia, dreams, nightmares and fleeting memories.

The focal point of the show is a large stage with intricately cut scenes and eclectic shadow puppets that beckon the viewer to interact with them. Visitors are invited to engage and experiment with the art to make their own silhouette plays. Kathryn has also created miniature shadow puppet theaters in the form of dioramas that are lit from behind.

See you Friday!