I recently had a painting photographed for an upcoming gallery show. They are putting together a catalog for the show, featuring 250 Pittsburgh artists in celebration of the city's 250th anniversary. The show itself is at FE Gallery in Lawrenceville. The gallery is small, and the artwork will be hung "salon style" to fit it all in (like the paintings are hung at the Louvre all over the walls) but it will be fun to see 250 current local artists' work all at once like that. I expect to see a lot of variety.

They required professionally photographed art for the catalog, which is going to be sent to galleries nation-wide. I had the photography done by Alex Patho Sr. and Alex Patho Jr, and had several other paintings photographed as well. The results were far superior to the images I had previously taken on my digital camera (which recently broke in my purse). The digital photos that the Pathos took are such high quality, they could make actual-sized prints of my paintings if I ever wanted those, including prints on canvas. This is the painting being used for the catalog and show:

This weekend, I have to get my painting framed in order to drop it off at the gallery on Sunday. The painting is 3 ft. tall and 2 ft. wide. This falls within the show's size limitations (needed to exhibit 250 artworks in a small gallery). I have not decided what kind of frame I will use. I am also considering attempting to make a simple strip frame, but I could also imagine something more substantial around it. I'll have to look at what is available.
Meanwhile, Tom and I are in the process of moving from our tiny apartment to our first (also tiny) house. We want it to be a creative place, and once we are done painting walls and ceilings and pulling out some carpets, we are going to designate space where he can comfortably write and where I can comfortably paint. I am very excited to make it a home, and to have a nice studio space. We have some work to do yet though.