Casey Hanner

48 X 36

Oil on canvas


Musician/Songwriter, lead singer of Donora

I’m still a little star struck that I’ve met Casey Hanner.  Donora is easily one of my favorite bands and their music has been such a huge presence in my life over the past few years—their albums play on a near constant rotation in my house, and I spend quite a few hours of my days dancing to Donora with my daughter Genevieve.  While putting together “Beautiful Dreamers,” I had the wild thought that I would like to ask Casey to pose for me, but didn’t know how to get in touch with her.  When Donora’s second album, Boyfriends, Girlfriends, was released in 2011, I saw that a close friend of mine, Dave Bernabo, had interviewed Jake Hanner about the album.  I asked Dave if he could get me in touch with Casey, and sure enough, he did!  Meeting Casey was a delight.  She is as fun-loving and stylish as her music.  My portrait of Casey came together as a combination of influences.  Her stance and the background palette of black and white were drawn from images of Joan Jett and vintage punk posters of the 70s, but the specific style comes from the cover of the sheet music for Stephen Foster’s “Beautiful Dreamers.”  Finally, the lettering “Donora,” comes from a hand-painted sign that hangs in the background of the band’s video for “I think I like You,” that reads: Donora Ice Cream.