Cindy Lisica

48 X 36

Oil on canvas


Independent Curator, Assistant Archivist at the Andy Warhol Museum; Faculty, Department of East Asian Languages and Literature, University of Pittsburgh

I first met Cindy over lunch downtown at the 6 Penn Kitchen, reviewing her exciting proposal to bring a show she co-created with Vicky Clark called “Cast of Characters” to the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s 709 Penn Gallery.  Over lunch, I was captivated by Cindy’s sleek style, serious intelligence and cool charm—I knew that I was going to ask her to pose for me before I even paid the bill.  While we’ve worked together over the past several months to bring “Cast of Characters” to the Cultural District, I’ve also gotten to know Cindy personally, and have enjoyed our friendship, meeting her for dinner and sharing coffee while we talk about our careers and our opinions about art.  Cindy is truly amazing—riding her motorcycle to meet me at the 61C in a pink helmet signed by Henry Rollins the previous day, regaling me with stories of rock climbing and sky diving, working at the Warhol, and lecturing in academia about Superflat art, Ai Weiwei and seeing pictures of her posing with Takashi Murakami.  I wanted to present Cindy the way I feel about her, almost like a movie hero, so I chose the presentation of whites and horizontal triangles to echo the feeling of cinema, while leaving the red graphic of her shirt as the only burst of color.