Katie O'Malley

48 X 36

Oil on canvas


PensTV Host

Katie is the beautiful face of the Pittsburgh Penguins, the host of Pens TV and the woman you’ll see on the Jumbotron at Consol Energy Center during Pens home games.  Once Katie arrived at my house for her photo shoot, I found her to be so immediately warm, and her personality so sparkling, that it felt like I was meeting an old friend for the first time.  A few months after the shoot, our family made it to a Penguins game and after Katie finished a live video segment with one of the fans in the arena, she waved “hi” to me—I felt like I was friends with a movie star!  Everyone in the nearby seats turned to me with an expression of, “You know Katie O’Malley?!”  It was fantastic!  Photographing Katie was truly like photographing a model—she is so photogenic.  Katie told me that she wears a turquoise band on her wrist every day to show support for Ovarian Cancer Awareness, in remembrance of her mother, so I wanted to include that in her portrait.  The composition of her portrait is very personal to me.  Although I initially planned to paint Katie in a colorful blue dress she wore to the shoot, I was instead inspired by her pale complection and raven hair to create an homage to the first painting that inspired me to a love of fine arts, Whistler’s “Symphony in White.”