Born in Silver Spring, Maryland, Sonja Sweterlitsch graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BFA in Art and a BA in Creative Writing.  She has taught studio art classes at the Smithsonian Institute, the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, and the Trust Arts Education Center.  She has curated dozens of exhibitions and coordinated large-scale art events in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.  She is married to author Thomas Sweterlitsch.

Sonja paints with Winsor & Newton oil colors on canvas. First she creates an underpainting using burnt umber, raw sienna and white.  Finally she lays in the color, starting with darker tones and building up toward the lights, adding more detail with every layer until the figure is complete.  


Email: sonjasweterlitsch@gmail.com

Tweet: @SMSweterlitsch


Event pics:  Flickr

Available works: Saatchi